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08 October 2023 @ 06:57 pm
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Welcome to my journal!

All you have to do to be added as a friend is comment below! I mostly just want to know what your interested are especially if you have an empty journal because I want to talk about the things that we have in common.

My journal used to be pretty much nothing but Seto Koji but now, I just talk about any fandom that I love. If I have time, I try to share scans or any fandom goodies that I buy with all of my friends.

Some of the things and people that I'm interested include but are not limited to:
1. Takagi Manpei
2. Takagi Shinpei
4. Lead
5. Tegomass
7. Arashi
8. Miura Haruma
9. Arashi
10. Ice Skating
11. Anime
12. Manga
13. Jdramas
14. One OK Rock
15. miwa
16. flumpool
17. Nintendo
18. Musicals
19. Spyair
20. Mamoru Miyano
21. ON/OFF
22. Yuya Matsushita
23. Koike Tepei
24. Yamamoto Yusuke
25. Hello Kitty

.........and lots more but the list will probably hit over 100 if I keep typing more (^^;)

Anyway, I'm sure we'll get along so feel free to add me and fangirl with me!
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04 August 2013 @ 11:17 pm
Hello everyone,

I've decided to sell part of my Seto collection for various reasons. I hope you find something that you'll like to buy!
All prices are in US dollars. I ship internationally and I only accept paypal if you live outside of the US. For those of you living in the US, I can accept paypal, checks, or direct deposits to my bank account. Prices do not include shipping fees. I can hold an item(s) for you for up to a week. Please let me know if you have any questions. Some of the pics are a bit blurry because I took them with my ipod so if you need a better photo, let me know.

DVDsCollapse )
CDsCollapse )
Miscellaneous ItemsCollapse )
PhotosetsCollapse )
Photore PhotosCollapse )

Since I don't want to sell a book that doesn't have the photore photos in it, I will give away these five empty photore books to the first five people who spend over $50 and request it. Even without the photore photos, the book still has some nice pages and a handwritten message from Seto. :)
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Sometimes, it's good to be wrong. Of course it depends on the situation but it's great to be wrong about your own class schedule if you have to go to class later than what you thought. LOL!!

Since I've been really bad this winter break, I didn't write down my schedule until a couple of minutes ago. Then I realized that I don't have class at 8am tomorrow. XDDDDDDDD I do on Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday but not tomorrow! ROFL! That's great though because I feel like I'm going to oversleep. I want to start waking up even earlier than last semester.

This semester will be SO BAD time-wise but at least, I have a really nice schedule. I'll probably be complaining a lot this semester. (I'm sorry my lovely twitter followers XD) But maybe, I won't even have much chance to tweet or be on LJ. It depends. I've never done what I will do this semester. (not talking about classes) But yeah, other than that, I hope that this semester will be a better one. Though really, if I managed to survived last semester, I feel pretty invincible at this point. LOL But I never want to go through that again. That was the worst!!!

So, right now, I'm watching CHAIN con~ LOCK ON is on right now! 8D (getting sidetracked) 
Hahahahaha!!! But ok, back to what I was saying. (sorry if nothing makes sense, pretty ueda and sexy kame are too distracting) Anyways, something happened yesterday.......I received a letter about an important appointment that I've been waiting for. If only it was on the 30th!!!! >_____< if it was on that day, then I could have gone home on the 29th after my last class at noon and then come back on the night of the 30th. :/ I could have spent my bday at home :/
I think that with how this is looking, I will be going back home and then coming back the same day on the 29th. *sigh*
.....I kind of wanted to spent it at home because I didn't want to get dragged to a bar by my friends. lol

Butttttt enough of my life (so interesting ne~~~~~ hahahahaha!)
I need some tegomass friends!!! I'm getting desperate here. I don't like fangirling this amazing fandom by myself. lol that reminds me, so in CHAIN con, Massu appears (someone told me about it before so I was expecting him in the con) and......and when they point him out, I went crazy........"massuuuuuuuuuuu!!!!! MASSU!!! MASSUUUUUUUUU!!!!!!" .....I think that was all I was typing at that point XD I feel sorry fo yuukisan ince she was watching the con with me. XD But then Ueda was being a cutie too and yelling out "massuuuuuuuuuu" so I fangirled even more. <333333333333333

lol ok so yeah about tegomass, I've always loved them but I'm starting to get more into the fandom lately. And I want to catch up with NEWS since I haven't bought a CD or a con DVD. (though that's changing this month ;D)

Honestly, right now, I'm so sleepy since I didn't sleep at all last night. I was talking with brother all night. It was fun. We were talking about the past for a bit (only the few good memories) like how I was crying when I was about to go to kindergarten because I thought I was going to turn into a chocolate egg.....er yeah that's a long story for another day lol
I talked to him about anime too and about stuff that I don't like about some fandoms. XD Then we were laughing and talking about how fangirling in general. (lol epic talk) oh!! and then I was playing my ipod and brother could remember all of the Arashi songs that I have. ROFL!!!! And he could recognize some KT's since he did watch the second half of the CHAIN con with me once. (errrr another long story lol)

When I was about to go back to uni, he told me that he was sad that he'll be alone again. awwww XD Just because he won't have someone to play video games with. And speaking of video games, have y'all played Mario Party 2? I LOVE that game so much!!! I'm like the undefeated champion! XD We had that game about 8 years ago but then er we didn't have it anymore (long story again as to why). But we bought the game on the wii store so we played it after 6 years. It brought back a lot of memories and.........even after all this time, I still beat my brother. XDDDDDDDDD It's the only game that I never lose. Then we also spent time playing Mario Kart on the wii and we played with people around the world. Because it was around 2am when we would play, a lot of Japanese people were online. LOL Some of them cheated though!!! ugh how annoying. -______- 

lol I'm just rambling here. Seriously, I don't think anything makes sense now. 
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11 January 2013 @ 08:54 pm

lol I don't think that many people go to LJ anymore. I'm really trying to come back though. It's not that I don't want to, it's more because posting things on LJ used to take SO MUCH TIME that I'm scared to post something new. But it seems that it's better now so I should let go of my trauma (lol) and move on. 

Moving on moving onCollapse )

Well, after saying, er typing, all of this, I feel better now. Even if it's just a bit. Oh I hope I can make some gifs soon. I have a mac now so it's pretty different from my other computer. I'm still figuring out things here. 

LOL ok I was going to add a Manpei gif but since No Matter Who You Are just started playing on my iPod, I'll post a seto gif instead. XD
Sometimes, I feel like I'm not completely over Seto. XD Though I'm not fangirling right now. I just think he is cute. lol Anyways, I chose this gif because.......well it's an inside joke between me......and myself. ROFL!!!!! ahhhhhhhhhhh I need to talk to my friends more often. I keep doing things on my own (like fangirling). It gets pretty lonely sometimes. 

I'm going to start fangirling this cutie in a bit so join me if you want? XD lol ok yeah I know that won't work. ugh time zonesssss~~~~
I'll just fangirl him on my own until brother comes home from work and then we can play some video games. 
Oh and speaking of brother, tomorrow we are having an early birthday celebration for the two of us. XD His birthday is on the 18th and mine is on the 30th but since I won't be home again this year because of uni, mom will celebrate our birthdays together tomorrow. I already have brother's birthday present ready. XD It got here yesterday. I guess that would be a good ending for my winter break. I just hope that I won't have any emergency calls tomorrow like how I did today......and the other days -____-

So, I'll fangirl some tegomass next time~~~ HAVE Y'ALL WATCHED RESIDENT?????!!!!!!!! MASSUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU!!!!! I just want to hug him and never let him go!!! 
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30 December 2012 @ 07:51 pm
Hello again. XD
I'm back with my list of the best 2012 songs. 

I'll probably do a list of my top ten 2012 dramas too~ :3

I think I got a bit to sentimental with this Collapse )Well, I hope everyone checks some of these songs out if you haven't done so already. :) Or give me your top 20 or 10 song list from 2012 so I can listen to some new songs. Not having had my own computer for half a year, I'm sure I missed some really nice songs. 

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26 December 2012 @ 09:00 pm
Hey everyone, 

Sorry I haven't been around much. For those who follow me on twitter, y'all know that I've been computerless since June. I finally have my own computer though! Well I got it like a week ago but I've been busy. OTL
It's winter break right now but I have a lot of stuff to do. I want to post more often though so hopefully I will soon. :)

Anyways, I'll just do a little meme I saw on my f-list just a couple of minutes ago. XD

So I'll talk about different groups and answer these questions for each group.
Ichiban when I discovered them:
Ichiban now:
Best voice:
The cute one:
The prettiest:
The cool guy:

look how much I've changed? XDCollapse )

So I hope to be fully back soon~ I miss everyone! I'm always on twitter so add me if you haven't done so!

P.S. any Nakayama Yuma fans out there? XDDDDDD I was listening to Missing Piece earlier today and his voice is amazing! I've watched him once in a drama and I knew he sang too but I never followed up with him after that. OTL
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12 April 2011 @ 11:50 pm
This is Bell making a post for setolove.

She can see comments, but hasn't been able to reply or post.
02 January 2011 @ 07:39 pm

LOL I stole that from tilmon . XDD

Anyways, *cough*, sorry for not being to post yesterday. Lots of crack happened. XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD
Sorry if I'm confusing. I think I didn't slept enough. lol
I was in pigg a lot and then me, sora_hime06 , tilmon , and vanilla_ichigo were going to watch the special on NHK that has Gou!!!
So we were very excited, but with the time zones and all, me and tilmon had to fight sleep and stay awake!! LOL
So what better way to stay awake than by being on twitter! LOL
Just yesterday I made myself an account. XDDD
Then I was all sad that there was a "setolove" already there. T.T
No fair!!! lol
So I decided to use my pigg name "violet-fleur" but I couldn't. D:
Then I got the idea to use french and "setolove" to make a new username. LOL
so now I'm setoamour!! LOL
Hai, I have no imagination. XDDDDDD
And then for some reason, I figured out how to say that I'm madly in love with someone in French. XDD
LOL long story and it's full of weirdness, so I won't confused you all with that story. XD
So! We were on twitter and just talking and keeping us awake when tilmon started talking about the traditional Japanese music that she was listening to on NHK. XDDDDDD
So there I go and turn on keyhole to listen too. XD
Ah, the crack! How funny! XDDD
Afterwards, there was a kids' show that was about dogs who got drafted to war!!! o.O
Yes a KIDS' SHOW!!
It was sad!!! Yet it was for kids. There were explosions and a dog getting hit by one and then a soldier trying to save the dog and it was just WAY too depressing for a kid to watch!
After the videos, the kids who were watching were talking about it and they were all sad and crying at some point, and then we just see a dog who's seyuu did sounded like kivat! XDDDDD
He was WAY too cheerful. LOL
Hai, so I was saying that the dog can't read the mood. XDDDDDDDD
And from there on, we just started talking about that dog. XD
Hai, that's how our night went. XDDDDDDDDD
After the hours of crack, it was finally time to watch the show!
Seto had tweeted everyone to watch the show, so we were extra excited!
And then, no show.
We were confused! We tried everything but nothing seemed right. D:
Until we were thinking that maybe it was another channel. Another NHK......we feared the worst.
So we headed to pigg in search for vanilla_ichigo where a few minutes later she appeared and confirmed our fears. T.T
The program was on in cable TV. *cries*
So now we must wait and hope for an upload.
But at least we will forever remember the dog who can't read the mood!!!! LOL

Whoops! I stared talking a lot. XD
Anyways I have what I promised! lol


GOODIES GOODIES THIS WAY~~Collapse )Oh, and pochi_k I hope your results went well!! :D
And that you can finally watch the KAT-TUN concert too!! ^^
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